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Kim - May 1970-January 2004

A little over seven years ago, our lives were saddened with the loss of Kim. On January 20, 2004, Kim--or "Booner" to his closest friends--left us in silence. Student of life, teacher of many, and friend to all, Kim's lively spirit of only 33 years will be forever remembered.

We would like to ask anyone who has any stories, memories, or pictures of Kim to share them with us. As we move forward from day to day, we hope that those who knew Kim will find comfort in the writings and images found on this site.

You are not required to leave your name or nickname, and you are not required to register to make entries. However, it would be nice to have a name or nickname signed at the bottom of each story or thought. In order to upload a picture with your story, or if you plan on making many entries, please take the time to register here.

All stories and thoughts will be reviewed before they are shown on the site. So if you make an entry and do not see it right away, there is no need to worry and no need to re-enter your writings.

Many thanks from everyone who knew Kim, for helping to make this site a memorable place to visit.

The Golf Ball

Kim's writingsBooner did this video with Colin many years ago. Posting it here for all those that new Kim.

"You're mad, aren't you?"

StoriesI was in my 20s when Kim was in my life. At that stage in my life, I had difficulties expressing my anger, especially around others.

Kim & I spent a lot of nights by the water, often just sitting there watching the waves, talking about life. On this particular night, we were at Cadboro Beach (in Victoria), having our usual conversations, when he said, "You're mad, aren't you?" I didn't know what he was talking about and denied it. But he kept egging me on, "Yeah, you're mad, I can tell, just let it out." "No, I'm not, leave me alone." "Yes, you are. Why don't you just scream, shout, hit me if you want." "I'm not mad......" And on and on we went, Kim pushing and pushing while I kept denying it, telling him to leave me alone, to shut up.

Finally I lost it. I don't quite recall what I did, but I know there was definitely screaming and yes, Kim was hit more than a few times.

Afterwards, I was drained, physically and emotionally, and broke down crying. Kim held me in his arms, and with a little laugh, said, "There, doesn't that feel better."

The Night I Met Kim

StoriesI was working at a brew pub in Victoria when a group of guys came in. After serving them a couple of rounds, one of them (was it Kim? I can't remember but he was definitely in on it) took me aside and said they wanted to play a joke on one of their buddies (again, my memory fails me but I think his name was Josh.) It seems Josh was feeling sorry for himself, having recently been dumped, and liked to complain about how his buddies were always getting the ladies while he was overlooked. So they wanted me to bring over a pitcher of beer and tell Josh that a woman had bought it for him.

Happy to join in on some fun, I brought that beer over and the look on Josh's face was one of doubt. He kept looking at Kim and the gang, not quite sure what to make of this situation. I could tell that he was having doubts that it actually came from a woman but Kim and his friends just kept shrugging and saying "what?".

I got the signal to bring another pitcher and this time I thought I needed to be more convincing. As I plopped the pitcher in front of Josh, I said, "wow... she must really like you" and the boys whooped it up while Josh looked embarrassed (and still incredulous). Josh started asking me questions, "okay, who is she?" and I would answer "she asked me not to tell you. I think she's a bit shy."

The signals for more beer kept coming and each time I brought that "free" beer, Kim and his friends would give a loud whoop, teasing Josh and and playing up the joke even more by standing up and looking around to figure out who this woman was. More questions came my way about this woman (not just from Josh but also his buddies who were in on the joke) and each time I'd give them a tidbit about this woman ("she's got blonde hair...but I can't tell you anymore because I don't want her to think that I told you who she was....). As the night went on, Josh looked less and less skeptical, and more and more flattered.

As the night was coming to end for the guys, Josh begged me to tell him who this woman was ("that was a lot of beer.... I just want to tell her thank you"). I decided to take this joke up another notch, use my intuition, and "find" this mysterious woman. There was a table of three nearby, a couple and a woman who looked pretty bored. She fit the description of the woman I'd been talking about all night so I thought what the heck. I approached her, told her about the joke Kim and his friends were playing, and asked her if she would come over to their table and pretend to be this woman. My intution must have been at a peak that night, because not only did she say yes, but she said it with a lot of enthusiasm (I guess I was right about her being bored). Now I can't remember her name, but for the sake of this story, I'll call her Sue.

I still remember the look on the guys' faces when I brought over Sue to introduce her to Josh. Their jaws literally dropped (all except Josh of course, because to him, this was all real). As Josh and Sue engaged in conversation ("thank you so much for the beer, that was so generous of you" "oh, you're welcome, you just seem like a nice guy, out having a good time with his friends..."), Kim, his buddies, and I were almost on the floor laughing our guts out. At one point, Kim took me aside and asked "who is she?" and I explained I didn't know her, chose her randomly, and am just as shocked as he was at the love connection happening.

So how did the night end? Well, Josh and Sue ended up going to Sue's place, and I got off early and joined Kim and his friends for a night of partying. All night long, we laughed and talked about how the joke ended up, and fantasized about "wouldn't it be funny if Josh and Sue ended up going out...." As it turned out, Josh and Sue's relationship only lasted that one night but I heard Josh had a good time.

Months later, at a nightclub, I bumped into Kim. We recognized each other right away, reminisced about that hilarious night, and that was the beginning of our relationship.

The Winter of 96

StoriesI just stepped out and saw all the snow and am reminded of the Winter of 96. My daughter and I were holed up at our place, my dad offered to come get us but there was too much snow, so we walked, walked until a fellow Filipino saw us, picked us up, and gave us a ride there. I remember how the city was at a standstill and that all we could do was enjoy the snow. How the corner store near my parents' place was pretty well ransacked and how I raided my parents' freezer and gave away whatever we could find to help friends nearby make a decent meal.
Kim, the great walker, was not deterred by that snow. I remember seeing him after his long walks, his face flushed and his eyes glowing from the combination of the cold and spending time in the beautiful outdoors. While others might have grumbled about the inconvenience of it all, not Kim. He relished in it.

I see the snow and the beauty of it all and remember you, Kim.

New photos and new gallery

Site Information Just a quick little note to say that there are some new photos in the new gallery.

In honor

SympathiesThis is the third day since I found out Kim is gone. Each day I wake up thinking of him and go to bed wondering how things could turn out this way.

I go to work and hold the tears back until I get home. Everything on this site is true. Kim was a poet, a philosopher, a gentleman but most importantly, he was a good person.

Sounds simple but the latter was the most important to me. He was the goodness you smell when the wind blows the fragrance of the beach in the evening on a summer day. He was the goodness of seeing the large fir branch outlined by a setting sun. He was the goodness of feeling the spray of the waves as they come towards the beach from a seemingly endless ocean. He had a purity of goodness that is I see less of in this world.

Every time I look at nature, I see Kim. Every time I see the simple goodness that nature provides, I remember Kim.

I have children now Kim and I will do my best to teach them the goodness you taught me. As they grow I will take them to the beach to feel the waves and to the forest to see the old trees.

I will tell them about you and the honor it was to have known you.


Don't be shy

StoriesLiving with Kim meant I could bother him with a lot of requests such as "Kim, will you go drink beer with me?" Being the gentleman he was, he would kindly oblige.

One night in particular I remember for some reason we walked home. We were actually a bit drunker than usual. Well I remember I was, otherwise this story would have remained short.

Kim could walk for miles and he knew I was not the intense walker he was (although he did break my being dumped sorrow by walking me for days around Victoria) so I think he may have been creative here to get me motivated.

About a quarter into our 5 KM walk home he says we should take our pants off and see what it's like to walk without them. I think about this for a moment. "Hmmm. He knows I am wearing black shoes and black socks but does he know I am wearing super white underwear?" Probably not...

But when you were with Kim you were always a bit braver than you normally would be. So, the pants came off. I can't remember what color his socks or underwear were but boy did I look ridiculous.

Now you might think two drunken boys walking up the main street in the middle of the night with no pants would be weird but we hardly got any looks at all. So we began to sing.

All the way home we sang and hollered with no pants. Then we got home. Put our pants back on, made some food, watched some lame TV and went to sleep.

Kim, I can't wait for the next midnight stroll without my pants. It will be in dedication of the man who taught me not to be so damn shy!

Farewell to a true friend

StoriesI met Kim in the back of a Logic class at UVic. It was a morning class and was held in the theater. We would "relax" in the back. Later we got to know each other better and would go sailing and drinking together.

He then moved in with us and was my room mate for a few years in Victoria. Those times were magical for me and we had so many fun times it is all a blur. Some memories include walking home from downtown without our pants on (just for a dare), visiting the swimming pool late in the evening and hours walking around Victoria. Our walls were paper thin so we would often talk through the wall. Comments such as: "feel like getting a beer/coffee?" was common wall talk.

Kim was very supportive to me and always told me how things were without any sugar coating. He really helped me develop into a better person.

When we moved to Vancouver we parted ways and I would only see him ever year or so. I had not seen him in many years so yesterday I googled his name. What I found made me stop in shock and disbelief. I still can't believe it. Kim may have left us years ago but for me this might as well have happened yesterday.

Kim was not supposed to leave us. He was a guiding light to me and many others (although I am not sure he knew that). It is a tragedy and I am devastated. I have never met anyone like Kim and doubt I ever will.

There will always be a place in my heart for Kim.
Farewell my friend. You will be missed.


High School Reunion

StoriesHi kim....years have past since we lost you. I didn't know you as well as others but i do remember talking to you a few times. I found you to be a special, soft spoken guy. You were a good friend to many. I just want to say that we had our 20th high school reunion this past saturday. It was so great to see everyone there. We had a memorial table set and there was your picture. We wish you were there in body, but we know you were there looking over all of were there in our hearts. I was outside sitting with chaz and others just talking about things from the past. You were loved by many Kim, and i just want to say even though you are not here, you are remembered by many and you touched many hearts. I know we will all be together again in time.

So on that note i will say so long and may you rest in peace my friend. We all miss you.
Barbara A.